Managing Orders for 2020 Exams

We’ve made changes to this year’s exam ordering tasks, deadlines, and policies. Here’s what you need to know.

Learn more about 2020 changes to fees, invoicing, and payment or this year’s exam administration process.

Getting Your Updated Student Roster

Starting May 27, you can generate a list of students in AP Registration and Ordering that identifies which students already took their AP Exams and which students are eligible to sit for a makeup exam. These students will be emailed a new e-ticket two days before each makeup exam they're eligible for.

The week of June 8, students eligible to take exams during the exception testing window (June 22–30) will have "Exception" listed in the Exam Date field in AP Registration and Ordering. These students will be notified by email the week of June 8 and will get their exception testing e-tickets two days before each exam.

Note: If students send unscorable responses via the backup email submission option, they can retest during the exception testing window. The week of June 15, your roster will automatically reflect these updates, if any, and we’ll notify these students during that week also.


  1. Log in to AP Registration and Ordering.
  2. Navigate to the Students tab.
  3. Filter the Order Exam? field by "Yes" to see all students who are registered for exams.
  4. Look at the Exam Date field to see whether a student did or did not complete their exam and if they're eligible for a makeup exam. We've updated that field as follows:
    • A "Standard" exam order is noted for students who completed exams during the primary testing window and aren't scheduled for makeup exams.
    • A "Late" exam order is noted for students who are scheduled for makeup exams for one of these reasons: they requested a makeup exam, there was a problem with their exam submission, or they didn't take the AP Exam during the primary testing window. These students will receive an email on May 28 confirming their registration for the makeup exam and will automatically receive a makeup exam e-ticket.
    • Please note: Students who attempted to use the backup email submission option in the second week of AP Exams but submitted invalid file types or did not attach files are now in the "Late" category and will receive an email on May 28 notifying them that they have been registered for the makeup exam.
  5. With Order Exam? filtered to "Yes" and Exam Date filtered to "Late," click Download Student Roster to get a list of the students who will receive e-tickets for makeup exams.

Please note: Registered students who did not test during the primary and makeup testing windows and are not scheduled to take exception testing exams have been updated to “No” in the Order Exam? field.

Ordering Exams

You can’t submit new exam orders. All students included in your school’s exam order as of the March 13 ordering deadline will be able to take AP Exams this year. However, new exam orders cannot be processed at this point.

Indicating Student Fee Reduction Eligibility

The deadline for this task has been extended. You must indicate a student’s fee reduction eligibility by May 26 (11:59 p.m. ET) in AP Registration and Ordering. This is necessary for an accurate invoice. Learn more about policies around fees, invoicing, and payment for this year.

Order Changes Aren’t Needed in AP Registration and Ordering

You don’t need to make any further changes in AP Registration and Ordering related to your exam order. For instance, AP coordinators don’t need to indicate standard/late testing, cancel master CD orders, or cancel special exam format materials.

Student Exam Decisions

Students don’t need to communicate whether they plan to take the exam before the exam administration, and there’s no action required of the AP coordinator if a student decides not to take an exam that was ordered for them.

If a student doesn’t take an online exam, the exam will be removed from your final invoice. We encourage students to wait until closer to the exam date to decide whether they will take the exam.