Get Your Students’ AP Exam Responses

If your students answered free-response questions (FRQs) on an AP Exam this year during the May or early-June testing windows, those responses and questions are now available.

Keep in Mind

We’re preserving the large number of new FRQs this year for teacher use.

The exam questions will be available only to AP teachers who have a College Board account. These questions and all other questions administered in 2020 will be added to the question bank to enable use with future students.

Student responses can be used for grading.

These responses may be used as examples of student work to inform a course grade or as a final exam, if you wish. You may also simply be curious to read what your students submitted.

Student responses are highly confidential.

Responses from the 2020 AP Exam are provided for teacher viewing only. You may not disclose a student’s response to anyone, other than those in your school administration who have authorization to view a student’s work.

Some issues with response files can be resolved.

If content from a student response on a PDF or in an audio file seems to be missing, it may be findable.

Keeping the exams fair is a community effort.

If you see any responses that clearly don’t belong to a particular student, please report this by filling out our form.

Questions and responses aren’t available for all AP courses.

Questions and responses are available for all AP courses except AP Seminar, AP Research, the AP Art and Design courses, and AP Computer Science Principles.